About Knowledge Headquarters

Knowledge HQ, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing education using the opportunites provided by technology. Knowledge HQ created its premier education product, e-Tutor, in 1997 and continues to innovate in the educational field every day.


e-Tutor Virtual Learning is an innovative K-12 instructional program that offers students, parents and educators a superior learning experience in a technology-rich, activity-based online learning program.. e-Tutor meets the specific instructional needs of students and their parents and the institutions and organizations in which they are participants.

The highly regarded program was developed out of a perceived need for quality instructional programming via the Internet. Policies and procedures for the program were established with the guide and aide of educators, parents, students, school districts, universities and business executives.

Students connect to the e-Tutor Virtual Learning program from computers in their homes, tutoring center, local library, community center, and school or after school program to access a broad selection of lessons. By providing educational content in a pre-structured delivery environment, e-Tutor sets a standard for quality, interactivity and consistency that simply cannot be replicated.

Independent Study Program: Students work independently. They can contact e-Tutor via email 24/7 or by phone Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST. Parents or another responsible adult review Activities and Extended Learning included with each lesson. These are used as a springboard for discussion and are not graded. Quizzes and exams are automatically scored. Results are expressed for students and recorded in the Student Portfolio. Students complete no more than four lessons each day.

Guided Study Program: One on One Program: Individual students work one-to-one with a tutor either at Knowledge Headquarters Center or online. An expanded version of e-Tutor Virtual Learning, which includes various planning and communication tools, is used in this program.


lessonpro.net offers educators an easy to use free online tool for creating lessons, quizzes, and exams. Using a basic template, teachers can create lessons to distribute to their class or sell for use in the e-Tutor program.

Strategic Studies

Using the expertise gained both by administration of the e-Tutor program and over 30 years of traditional education experience, Strategic Studies provides professional guidance to schools looking to enhance their technological capabilities.

Knowledge Headquarters, Inc. is member of the BBB Online Reliability Program, as
well as a member of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois.
Knowledge Headquarters is a certified Woman's Business Enterprise.